Unclaimed inheritance


In the UK in the event that a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) the usual probate process can not always happen as it is not always clear who should inherit the deceased's estate and assets. You could be an heir to the unclaimed estate of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed!

An heir search can be expensive and time consuming and professional heir hunters do not always take every case and even experts in probate genealogy do not always find the heir so lost heirs can sometimes remain lost. Any assets in the estate of the deceased can remain unclaimed for years and an heir hunters estate case cannot always be solved without help.

Heir Hound is a free service that emails you the list of new unclaimed estates every week so you'll know if an estate you could be entitled to is published.


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Abraham Emmanuel John 08/03/2017 Hayes Middlesex Grenada 08/11/2017
Allan John Lindsay 29/04/2017 Uxbridge Middlesex United Kingdom 08/11/2017
Bellamy Marion 26/09/2017 Bristol Grimsby Lincolnshire 08/11/2017
Clarke Kenneth Joseph 21/08/2017 Wakefield West Yorkshire Wakefield 08/11/2017
Craddock Hazel 10/03/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire United Kingdom 08/11/2017
Crossley Elizabeth Clara 27/12/2014 Godalming Surrey Croydon 08/11/2017
Hague Peter George 23/06/2017 Hayes Middlesex Stockport Greater Manchester 08/11/2017
Hunter Doreen Maud 05/09/2017 Ealing London W5 08/11/2017
Jones Brian 25/06/2017 Wolverhampton West Midlands 08/11/2017
Scrase Joyce 27/07/2017 Orpington Kent 08/11/2017
Black Leslie 01/11/2016 Birkenhead Cheshire Birkenhead 06/11/2017
Burton Olive 17/11/2015 Ewell Surrey Epsom Surrey 06/11/2017
Laing Anthony 23/09/2016 Derby Derbyshire 06/11/2017
Marsh Jennifer Eileen 08/01/2017 Bournemouth Dorset Poole 06/11/2017
Mindline Noah 19/09/2017 St.John's Wood London NW8 London 06/11/2017
Munn Brian 05/10/2015 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 06/11/2017
Newton Robert Bland 31/07/2017 Portsmouth Hampshire 06/11/2017
White Ian 30/07/2017 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire Kingston upon Hull 06/11/2017
Abbott Donald 16/07/2017 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds 02/11/2017
Andrews Murrie William 29/03/2017 Oxford Oxfordshire United Kingdom 02/11/2017
Ashmead Suzanne 15/11/2016 Neath Neath Port Talbot Neath 02/11/2017
Atkinson Eric Williams 17/12/2016 Islington London N1 England 02/11/2017
Atwal Pavitar Singh 28/09/2006 Oldbury West Midlands Birmingham 02/11/2017
Barnes Harold 19/09/2014 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 02/11/2017
Bathe George William 20/09/2017 Cirencester Gloucestershire Swindon 02/11/2017
Blades John Francis 04/10/2017 South Shields Tyne & Wear South Shields Tyne & Wear 02/11/2017
Bowden John Thomas 15/08/2016 Newport Caerphilly 02/11/2017
Bowen Aini Anneli 09/09/2017 Denmark Hill London SE5 Finland 02/11/2017
Bremner David 04/07/2016 Hasland Derbyshire Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire 02/11/2017
Brown Marie 04/01/2017 Edgbaston West Midlands Solihull 02/11/2017
Brown Theresa Jane 08/09/2015 Colchester Essex Maldon Essex 02/11/2017
Buckley Michelle 19/02/2016 Lambeth London SE1 Northampton 02/11/2017
Butt Karen 27/06/2017 Upper Edmonton London N18 Germany 02/11/2017
Calderwood Colin Stuart 09/09/2017 Lewisham London SE13 Lewisham 02/11/2017
Chadwick Johanna Margaret 08/03/2017 Eastbourne East Sussex Eastbourne East Sussex 02/11/2017
Charles Iris Winifred 11/05/2016 Barry Vale of Glamorgan Cardiff 02/11/2017
Cockbain Eric 29/06/2017 Whitehaven Cumbria Parton Cumbria 02/11/2017
Conran Alan 21/11/2014 Bradford West Yorkshire Edinburgh Scotland 02/11/2017
Copley John 20/08/2017 Castleford West Yorkshire Knottingley West Yorkshire 02/11/2017
Cressy Amanda 17/11/2016 Southend on Sea Essex Rochford Essex 02/11/2017
Cridland Shirley Mersades 23/05/2017 Denmark Hill London SE22 Jamiaca 02/11/2017
Daulman Erica Francis 13/03/2017 Worthing West Sussex 02/11/2017
Ellenthorpe Elaine 05/09/2014 Solihull West Midlands England 02/11/2017
Farrelly Thomas Edward 16/03/2017 Colchester Essex Trim County Meath ROI 02/11/2017
Flannigan David 29/08/2017 London W3 Scotland 02/11/2017
Gardner Brian 09/09/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire UK 02/11/2017
Godfrey Leonard William 22/05/2004 Chelmsford Essex Germany 02/11/2017
Groom Paul 06/10/2017 Harlow Essex 02/11/2017
Hackett Gary Francis 16/12/2016 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands Birmingham 02/11/2017
Hadley Stuart Brian 28/06/2017 Poole Dorset Scotland 02/11/2017


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